About BizHelp

Created for business owners across Los Angeles County, the BizHelp Program provides a diverse array of FREE technical assistance webinars to help businesses large and small navigate through economic uncertainty and prepare them for a post-COVID-19 economy.

The LACDA has teamed up with three local technical assistance providers – Acelera Advisory Group, Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment, and Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation – to host webinars that will cover various topics, such as tips for successfully securing financial resources, operating post COVID-19, understanding basics in accounting and bookkeeping, and improving credit for business owners.

The webinars are available to all businesses located within Los Angeles County.

No, webinars are offered free of charge.

Online Webinars

The LACDA is proud to partner with public agencies to offer a series of webinars to help sustain your business and provide the tools for a successful future.

Webinar Schedule

The following webinars are now accepting registrations. Please continue to check back as more webinars will be added.

All questions regarding the events should be directed to the email address provided in table below.

Date/Time Topic Questions?
April-20 / 6:00 PM Cash Flow is a Reality (English) galba@vsedc.org
April-22 / 10:00 AM Doing Business with the General Services Administration (GSA) (English) bbanuelos@dcba.lacounty.gov
April-22 / 11:00 AM Bankruptcy Law for Small Businesses (English) pending
April-22 / 2:00 PM Why Lenders Want Your Financial Forecast and How to Create Them (English) wchin@pacela.org
April-22 / 6:00 PM Salarios y Derechos Laborales Para Inmigrantes (Spanish) pending
April-23 / 12:00 PM Defense Small Business Webinar Series: Doing Business with the DOD (English) DAUWebcasts@dau.edu
April-26 / 3:00 PM Operating Post COVID-19 (English) galba@vsedc.org
April-28 / 9:00 PM Business Builder: Construction & Manufacturing (English) pending
April-29 / 11:00 PM COVID-19 Vaccines and Small Businesses: What Employers Need to Know (English) pending
April-29 / 3:30 PM Creating Financial Projections (English) galba@vsedc.org
April-29 / 3:30 PM Seminario Sobre la Declaración de Impuestos Para Pequeñas Empresas (Spanish) galba@vsedc.org
May-13/ 3:30 PM Creating Financial Projections (English) galba@vsedc.org
May-17/ 5:30 PM Moving Forward: Operating Post Covid -19 (English) galba@vsedc.org
May-18/ 6:00 PM Understanding Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping (English) galba@vsedc.org
May-19/ 10:00 AM Improving Your Personal & Business Credit (English) galba@vsedc.org
May-25/ 6:00 PM Loan Readiness: Becoming Bankable in 60 Days (English) galba@vsedc.org
May-27/ 10:00 AM Creating Financial Projections (English) galba@vsedc.org
June-10 / 10:00 PM Doing Business with the General Services Administration (GSA) (English) bbanuelos@dcba.lacounty.gov
Ongoing Paycheck Protection Program Application & Webinar Series pending
Ongoing Starting and Growing a Business pending
Ongoing Small Contractor Boot Camp pending

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